Two for techno Tuesday (on a Wednesday) from Menthal, and David Lindmer #techno #newmusic #electronic

Two techno tracks today from Menthal and David Lindmer.

Menthal is from Stuttgart, Germany but now based in Mannheim. In 2018 he founded the label maqa with two friends. Last October, Co-Founder Benny Delara and Menthal released their first Rayo EP, a more minimal techno affair. The track today is Omen taken from the new Elision EP. This blends elements of minimal with melodic techno, even some post-dubstep. The track opens with some spectral soundscapes and those Burial-style dubstep drums clattering. Atop is perched the minimal synths. Of the track Menthal says it’s, “a combination between groovy drumvariations and wide, deep and hypnotic synths.” As the track develops it gains bass and menace and sits more squarely in techno territory. Melodic with menace. Definitely one for headphones for the full effect.


Elision EP

Next, David Lindmer based in New York with New Solution, taken from his just released Fractures EP. This one is definitely aimed for the dance floor. It’s dark and sleek. Bass is the place and the focus of the track. Has a deep Stygian feel. Acid flavours the synths as drums clatter and melodies search for a way in. But they really can’t get a grip. The reverb bass growls away endlessly. The New Solution is to shake ribcages everywhere an inky darkness is the tone of choice.

New Solution

Fractures EP

~ by acidted on April 24, 2019.

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