In downtempo Neverneverland you’ll find: Good Lee – Peter Pan #downtempo #electronic #newmusic

J M Barrie, supporter of Great Ormond Street Hospital in which I spent so much time, wrote Peter Pan. The boy who never grew up is also the title of the today’s track. It’s by Good Lee (Patrick Gutensohn) from Vienna, Austria.

Peter Pan is a classic bit of Viennese downtempo with all the shades of Kruder and Dorfmeister that you could want. It is the third single off of Good Lee’s new album Transience, released on 3 May. Peter Pan is a chilled, head-noddingly trip hop affair. Wood blocks clatter, sleigh bells shakes their thing, and acoustic guitar gently strums. It’s as rich and beautifully sculpted as a piece of sachertorte. Everything about the downtempo track is just so and all of it designed to delight you. Trotsky, it is said, planned world revolution over Kaffee und Kuchen in Vienna. If this was the musical accompaniment he’d have chilled out a bit more and appreciated that sometimes the bourgeois trappings of life are just too, too perfect to overthrow.




~ by acidted on April 25, 2019.

One Response to “In downtempo Neverneverland you’ll find: Good Lee – Peter Pan #downtempo #electronic #newmusic”

  1. Pls share this plz bro I need these streams to buy a new studio for better quality when I submit

    Here’s an artist I want to share with you… Team Cpt

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