Saturday techno: Bunch of Frequencies – Raindrops (hakan remix) #techno #house #electronic #newmusic

Bah! The temperature’s dropped 10 degrees and there’s wind and rain. Want something melodic to cheer me up. Here’s a Bunch of Frequencies 2016 track Raindrops given a re-release and reworking, including this rather fine minimal melodic techno mix from hakan.

The Original Mix of Raindrops was released on KLNQMZK back in 2016 and is a blippy kind of moody techno piece. It’s ok but a bit ‘blank’ for me. But my opinion isn’t shared and so it’s got a re-release. The original has had a re-work which extends the original five minutes to seven. And there’s a couple of mixes of which hakan’s (Hakan Terzi) is the one for me.

Hakan offers a six minute techno journey that you’re going to want to get on board for. A beautifully melodic and yet clean and bold remix. There’s nothing airy fairy about the way the melodic elements are used here. Everything is kept positive but grounded by the bass elements that give the mix a proper depth and meaning.



~ by acidted on April 27, 2019.

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