Sunday ambient servings with Dark MTTR, Gadget and the Cloud, and Souns/Loscil #ambient #drone #downtempo #electronic #newmusic

The sun is shining with a gentle crispness in th air. Three helpings of ambient are on the menu for breakfast from Dark MTTR, Gadget and the Cloud and Souns/Loscil.

Londoner Dark MTTR offers Mayan Spirit. It’s a contemplative piece with the sound of rain in the background. This track is all about mood. An initially beatless confection of rolling emotion. It breaks out high end beats but retains that wistful air. This is hardly a surprise since Dark MTTR says “I wrote this song whilst in Mexico in June 2018. I was on a diving trip and one of the learners in another team was swept under a sea-tunnel between the Cenote and the sea, and sadly got trapped and passed away. When I got back, I wanted to try and put all the emotion of the day into a song, for what was one of the most horrific things to be around.”

Ireland’s Gadget and the Cloud (Kelly Doherty) returns after what feels quite a while (more than a year) with Quiescence. An unusual choice of word for dormancy or inactivity, it also reflects the absence of upheaval or dischord. It’s art of a compilation on Bandcloud and the track has all manner of ambient and drone within it. Starts off with a thrumming bass that’s a bit Chariots of Fire. But quickly turns into something that has more of the organic and offbeat air of Boards of Canada. More IDM focused than her earlier releases this is ambient of darker, deeper reflection. A life with greater experience and of life’s disappointments recalled quietly.

Finally, Loscil returns but with a remix. This is for Souns, fellow Vancouverite Michael Red. The track is Sun Inside The Sun taken from a collection of 4 reworks of Souns’ original song, itself from the Aquamarine album originally released in December 2017. Enough genesis. The track is ambient as gentle whoosh, pitter patter and drone. Everything has a bit of a dub reverb sense. The track pulls off that brilliant trick of being as much about the spaces between the notes as the notes themselves. It’s an extended daydream of a track. May only be six minutes long but as an experience has that transcending time quality. A calming pool into which to lose yourself. Perhaps forever.

Pre-order the album here (out 31 May)

~ by acidted on May 5, 2019.

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