Christ on a slide guitar, it’s Sweet Jesus by Steve Cobby #guitar #downtempo #newmusic

Those teeth. That hair. Princess Diana in a beard. George Michael with a beard. Not quite. Almost as much of a shock is the seemingly-from-nowhere appearance of a new Steve Cobby album, Sweet Jesus.

Utterly no idea of the album’s genesis. But this is downtempo aimed at the highest of high summers. The sunsetiest of sunsets. The lappingmost of beaches. It’s total bliss. Buy now.

As Good As Gold sets the tone with it’s slide guitar elements against a lazy chilled backbeat and some it’s-too-hot plucking of strings. Chauffeur de Camion is a bit more electronic and rhodes focused. Samba School is the only track in which someone else participates, being Tom Harland on guitar. This is lounge samba of the very highest quality.

Proving that everyday is a school day Lanspresado turns out to be an old English word. According to a dictionary of thieves’ slang in 1736 – “He that comes into company with but Two-pence in his Pocket”. Not standing your round more like. This is a pleasantly bobbly track with a bit of wheezy electronic harmonica. One for tight wads everywhere. Feline Plastique offers more lounge chillness with the most prominently experimental electronic pitter patter.

Scattered To The Four Winds brings back a bit of slide guitar and indulges its inner Ry Cooder. It does so beautifully. The Unvarnished Truth starts in the most ambient way before becoming the most experimental. The Groom Stripped Bare By His Suitor is both an odd title and track, harking back almost to indie guitar tunes of the late 80s.

Requiescant In Pace offers two minutes of reflection before moving on to the sixteen minutes of Truer Than Words. Ambient guitar wandering with an occasional squelch of bass electronics. The sheer weight of the track makes it an alternate centrepiece of the warm chill of the first half a dozen tracks. This has that streak of melancholia against which we can never properly understand happiness.

The album closes with From Roots To Fruits and All The Rivers That Rise In These Hills. The mood on the former remains relatively subdued but opening into more positive as guitars strum and keyboards gurgle. On the latter the slide guitar bids you farewell and bon voyage.

What an album. Vinyl and CD release please.

~ by acidted on May 12, 2019.

One Response to “Christ on a slide guitar, it’s Sweet Jesus by Steve Cobby #guitar #downtempo #newmusic”

  1. Its a good one and growing with every play. I’d like a vinyl release too.

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