Techno intensity with: Yasu, Talkback Heads, Giuseppe Coniglio #techno #electronic #electronica #newMusic

It may be Sunday but that dosn’t mean we can’t have a bit of techno intensity from Yasu, Talkback Heads and Giuseppe Coniglio.

Yasu is from Prague in the Czech Republic (Czechia) and comes offering Kerosene (feat. Dubstract). I’m going to try to avoid cheap explosive or flammable references. But the track is a powerful one, albeit not a conventional techno track. That lack of convention is set in the opening that builds around the melody line before bringing in an elastic and deep bass line. Gives the track a real punching above its weight feel. There’s also a bit of 80s synth work about all of this. Some wordless ethereal styling you don’t often find in techno. And even, as Yasu explains, “cuts of us going home from party at 2 am, sounds taken from house-parties, people talking outside of a venue.” As a post club track this absolutely nails it. Boom!



Next, Talkback Heads from the not-known-for-techno Switzerland. Do It is a stern booming techno track. All machine made and focused. It’s all about the groove and the need for your submission to the bass drum. You can understand why given that approach this track was the runner-up track of the ADE Demolition contest presented by Dave Clark. It’s now released on M5 Records as part of the second Everybody Loves Detroit Vol II compilation. Five minutes of ordered dance floor and marching, martial precision that brooks no arguments. Clean fabulous techno. JFDI.

Finally, from Italy comes Giuseppe Coniglio. Don’t know anything about him but Next Dimension EP is the offering. A bit of brutal techno gets allied with some lovely melodic elements. Over seven minutes of being repeatedly beaten around the head and then gently caressed. A disorientating late night ride to the wild side. Listen to the call and come to the next dimension now.

~ by acidted on May 26, 2019.

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