Bank Holiday chill with: G R I Z, and Bells and Robes #chill #downtempo #NewMusic #electronic

It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK. And the sun is having a dither. Can’t work out whether it wants to burn off the cloud cover or go back under the cloud duvet. While it has a think, a pair of chill tunes from G R I Z, and Bells and Robes.

G R I Z (Grizaldi Adipramasatya) is from Bandung, Indonesia and offers the lovely guitar-ridden Irreplaceable Moment. A delight of acoustic guitar, hushed beats and a soupcon of electronic trickery. This mixes in a bit of tinkling piano to give a picnic blanket’s worth of pleasure. Part Lemon Jelly and part Four Tet. He says “Inspired by moments with your high school or college friends, that you can bring it back, which i called “Irreplaceable Moment”.”

Next, duo Bells and Robes (Luke Sipka and Dean Spaniol) from Atlanta, Georgia. The track is Reflection, the closing track from the album House of Mirrors. This owes plenty to people like Flume and Bonobo. There’s a rippling effect to the track with lots of interwoven synths chiming gently. Piano tinkles offer the track an organic feel. B&R says “Eduardo made it through – an intense battle, the spoils of victory, self-doubt, self-hatred and depression, uncertainty – and come out on the other side stronger than ever before.” THe musical equivalent of a heartfelt sigh of relief and achievement.

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~ by acidted on May 27, 2019.

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