Experimental chill with: Indigos Paradise – Silk EP #chill #electronic #downtempo #NewMusic

Indigos Paradise returns with his new Silk EP, a mix of chilled and experimental sounds.

The title track is a woozy kalimba ridden tune. Opens up with strings setting a spaced out vibe before it bobbles around in a sort of tropical fashion but only if your idea of tropical were the 820 degree temperature of Venus.  This shimmers with a heat haze. Dreams follows. This is offbeat dub and dreams that are of epic heroism. Nothing smallscale here. This is wide open spaces, a little crackle and all wrapped up in less than two and a half minutes. Dove’s Land is a land of air. A gas giant of whooshing space and time. There’s a background set of drone tones held in your consciousness with earthly beats. Closer Midnight has a sort of lullaby to lull you to sleep but prods you awake again with clicking beats and stabs of synth. If you need to get to sleep on an orbiting space station this is the EP for you. The rest of us can only aim for silken dreams.

~ by acidted on May 31, 2019.

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