House music all day long with: Vaughn Anton, Pinz & Pelz, and INVŌKER #house #acid #electronic #NewMusic

The sun is shining. It’s supposed to be a hot day here in London, so let’s have some fresh house tracks for the park or the barbecue from Vaughn Anton, Pinz & Pelz, and INVŌKER.

Vaughn Anton is from Los Angeles, California. The track is the tech house / techno cross of Contact. This invokes Chicago, Detroit and Berlin in its world view of techno house. But there’s also something of the sunshine in the track. A bright crispness that smells of sunshine and can’t quite succumb to the needs of Berlin cool noir. As Vaughn says of the track it’s, “Deploying itself as an exercise in deep synth-work and crisp percussion.” And it’s those synths that makes this track really work. Quite subtly done they come from the back to play the sweeper role in pressing the track forward to goal. Lovely, lovely track.



Next, Australian/German duo Pinz & Pelz. Another that mixes cool with sunshine. For House Diva they say, “It’s a deep house track inspired by mid 90s underground dance producers like Fresh & Low, Playin’ 4 tha City and Slam but moulded to suit a more modern club experience.” There’s certainly a 90s feel in the deep house stabs of the track. And that gives it a lovely dreamy air, perfect for a summer’s day. But the track offers a wrong-footing moment with the addition of some fabulous acid at around 3:00. Adds to the woozy disorientation of the track. Wunderbar.


Finally, but most certainly not leastly, the welcome return of INVŌKER. The track is Churches, which has had support from French legend Laurent Garnier. And you can see why. There’s a bit of his intricate take on techno inside Churches. A track that offers a mesmerising groove that floats along the house and techno borders. Acid lines wibble in the background and the overall effect is quietly moving. A track that’s ever-shifting, twisting patterns of sound are like waves incense around to offer a proper overwhelming effect on the senses. Dearly beloved, the collection plate is coming round now. Don’t forget to make a donation.

~ by acidted on June 1, 2019.

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