Ambient Sunday with: Brussels Sprouts, and El Modena #drone #ambient #chill #electronic #NewMusic

The wind is barely there. Clouds are barely moving. Sun is shining weakly. A perfect morning for some drone and ambient from Brussels Sprouts and El Modena.

Brussels Sprouts is the curious choice of artist name by Максим (Max) Смородин from St Petersberg, Russia. The track is Harmony Behind Simulation. Max says he writes instrumental tracks / soundtracks. And this is a bit of a soundtrack drone tune. Slightly fragmentary at less than three minutes it still manages to pack in a lot of delicate emotion. Tones are droned, held and toned. Sounds whoosh about in a sad but exciting way. And yet it manages some synth melody to tug at the heartstrings. This doesn’t need the accompanying imagery but it does inspire some in your mind. A perfect way to start the day.

El Modena (Evan O’Neil) is from the USA and offers Lagoa (tr. Lagoon). I had to look this up but Lagoa is a municipality in the southwestern part of São Miguel Island in the Azores. This is relevant as the track includes field recordings from a pottery factory made as part of El Modena’s travels in the Azores. The track itself is a six minute meditation piece focused on memory. Opens with a slowly unfolding sound collage underpinned by throbbing drone tones. Eventually breaks out into some piano led ambient dreamscapes. This is about remembering and also not remembering. A kind of muscial interpretation of aphasia perhaps? Six minutes of tones and piano pass but as if in a trice. A delight.

The track is taken from the album The Expanded Present 



~ by acidted on June 2, 2019.

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