Monday morning chill with: buzz cut, and Arun #chill #tripHop #techno #NewMusic #electronic

Still sunny here but back to work this Monday morning. Let’s have a couple of chilled tracks from buzz cut, and Arun.

buzz cut is from the USA but beyond that I know nothing. The track is Forever (Bootleg Edit) of which the only thing I know if that buzz cut says it’s an, “electronic song made with found sound samples!” What I can tell you is that this is a lovely dreamy, drifting piece of trip hop. The title sample floats around the track giving it an endless feel that stretches way beyond the 6 minutes of the track. Beats clatter around in dub ricochets. Synths wander up and down in slow procession. Properly languid track.

Arun from Kiel, Germany offers Life Of A Flower. He’s clearly taken with all things Eastern, since he explains that his artist name “…is derived from the language Sanskrit and means dawn, reddish glow in the morning sky.” The track sits somewhere between trip hop and slow techno. It’s built around an Asian spoken word sample talking about the life of a flower. Gives the track a wandering, widescreen sensation. A tribal sense of dusty plains and open spaces. This is about the vastness of everything in the tiniest of things. A meditative track that wants you to look within for the answers.

~ by acidted on June 3, 2019.

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