The warmth of the memories with: Datach’i – Rockledge 3A #idm #downtempo #ambient #electronic #NewMusic

IDM is all too often aimed at the head not the heart. But some IDM, of which I guess Aphex Twn’s Analogue Bubblebath is an example are aimed as much, if not more, at the heart. Datach’i offers another on Rockledge 3A from his forthcoming album Bones on Planet Mu Records.

Datach’i (Joseph Fraioli) is a long-standing artist from LA, USA. Albeit this is the first I’d ever heard of him. And Rockledge 3A is a wonderful surprise. It has some intricately awkward beats but welded to warm analogue sounding synths that give this track a surprising emotional punch. There’s a real warmth to the track coming from the synths, despite the clatter of the beats. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s emotion here since the album was made after his father’s death. This track is brilliantly balanced in its approach. A sort of more human version of early Squarepusher. The album – Bones – from which it is taken isn’t out until July but can be pre-ordered here.



~ by acidted on June 5, 2019.

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