Conrad Clifton – GET YOUR WHOLE LIFE #electronic #NewMusic

We had a track from Brooklyn-based Conrad Clifton this morning. Let’s have a listen to the album it’s taken from – GET YOUR WHOLE LIFE. A good album with a mix of highs and lows.

The album title is explained as, “a phrase made popular by women of color and the LGBTQ community, is meant to be encouragement for Conrad’s listeners to be self-motivated.” The opening track is Colours about which I said earlier, “The track is one of those hard to classify tricksters. It’s sort of lofi house with a bit of trap in the beats. The opening sample is powerfully strong but doesn’t try to amp things up with too much passion in the beats. Makes it feel a more conversational approach. This is argument through questioning and reason, not shouting. The antithesis of US and UK today. In amongst it all is a little jazz in the almost-trumpets. This is chilling house for a purpose.”

Silent City (Everything Is Connected) follows some snatches of TV/film dialogue on 90s Reruns. The track is a futuristic retro synthwave house affair. This wants silence but can’t help constantly shouting that “everyone is connected.” A track of night time neon glitter. A life of prosecco dreams. This is followed by Hunter Gather-Her. A clicky future bass track perfect for playing on mobile phones or ridiculously bass-heavy car stereos. Includes a vocal sample about women that suggests “Conrad presents the POV of a male ally, focused on giving women the respect they’re due.” Not entirely convinced by the sample.

This is followed by the lovely highlight of OH! Obviously it features someone saying the track title. A lot. But this is piano house of the 90s married with a totally of-the-moment set of beats. A feel good track. Magic Chapstick reaches back further into some almost 80s synth pop. This is blended with some experimental beats and all round wooziness. A bit of fashion runway house for the FROW-ers amongst you.

Is It You? then comes as a bit of a surprise. A music box type of glockenspeil chiming with beats and almost Abba-esque vocals. That’s accentuated further by the almost folky trap of Everything / I’ll Be Your ft Linda Diaz. Closer Neva Seen (A Broken Heart) finishes things on a high with a cleverly produced thrack that takes the spirit of sixties soul to the digital age and future house. A disco for all ages in a brave album that charts its own path.

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~ by acidted on June 9, 2019.

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