Softly experimental with: JemimiJean and KAMARIZ #chill #experimental #newMusic #house #psychedelic

A couple of tracks that lean more towards the experimental side of chill this morning from JeminiJean and KAMARIZ.

JeminiJean offers pretty much nothing about her(?) except that she does “Chill, witch wave from Salem, MA.” I’ve no idea what witch wave is but if you’re doing it I guess you have to come from Salem. The track is Face2Face which casts a rather lovely spell. Some slightly wonky Rhodes chords offer an enticing way into the track. The beats are firmer than you might imagine for an essentially chill track. This may lack eye of newt but its all blended together extraordinarily well to manage a wonderful lightness of touch. Really very beguiling.

Next KAMARIZ from Germany with a stall-setting track title of Mind Altering. In fact, it’s thankfully not quite the experimental melange that this name conjoured up for me. It’s a great track that takes a woozy approach, aiming to take you into a “deeper state of mind”. There’s a deep and rich bass line that provides the solid underpinning for the track and a centre to which it always returns. Above that some piano wanders around in a slightly psychedelic rock manner, with strings and wordless vocal things echoing off in all directions. This is mind altering as a fundamentally dark and deep experience. No giggling with nitrous on this one.

~ by acidted on June 12, 2019.

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