Groggy ambient with: Martina Bertoni – The Broken Life Of Mushrooms #ambient #electronic #NewMusic

Fell asleep last night while in the middle of something. Slept the sleep of the sleep deprivation cosh. Woke groggy. This ambient reflects that. A barely there piece but a disorientating one from Martina Bertoni.

Martina say rather winningly that “My name is Martina and I play the cello. I make music with it and I let it walk into spaces. If you feel like, stop by and have a listen.” I strongly suggest you do.

The Broken Life of Mushrooms is an experimental sort of thing. A clever mix of insectoid IDM and some lonely classical cello. Gives it a plaintive, melancholic air of drone and whirring insect wings. Only five minutes long but in some undefinable way every second has been stretched taut to make it longer and more all encompassing. A rare talent at work here.

The Broke Life of Mushrooms

The Green EP (buy)

Blurb: This EP contains the results of my first ever residency I made in Turin (Italy) in May 2019. It is based on the idea of creating a sonic map of a place, the Royal Horse Staples in Turin, in the very heart of the city. When I came back home I had this material with me and I was still reverberating with a weird disturbed energy. I was coming back to my home country after a long time, meeting new and old friends and sensing a general feeling of struggle at every level. A struggle for everyday life, for freedom of expression and artistic creation. This struggling vibe came back with me to Berlin, and somehow I had to give it a shape and put it out.

~ by acidted on June 14, 2019.

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  1. […] Bertoni is from Berlin, Germany and returns with Impossible Routines. This is the second single from her album all the ghosts are gone. […]

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