Winter and summer seasonal change with Gary Afterlife, and Jason Saltiel #chill #electronic #NewMusic

A couple of tracks taking opposite ends of the seasonal spectrum. Winter Chills from Gary Afterlife and Tropique from Jason Saltiel.

Gary Afterlife is from Australia so what does he know of winter? Well, he says, “I saw this imagery… a bland, barren landscape passing by in a veil of snow…Desolate but Ethereal, this imagination helped with the atmosphere for the song.” And that sort of pervades Winter Chills. A sense of watching winter from somewhere warm. It’s a mix of chilled trance and deep house rhythms. And it is rather lovely. Like a bowl of chicken or mushroom soup on a cold day. Proper warms the cockles of your heart.

Next, Jason Saltiel now in Los Angeles after a long period in New York. The track is Tropique. But it’s not as lush as much of tropical house tends to be. It has a lovely languid air. A bit of the too hot to move too much about it. Lazing in a hammock or day bed. Watching time and life drift slowly by. Strings give the track a wonderful depth. The track throbs in a deep house way, rather than having beats as such. Pour yourself a Pimms and relax.

~ by acidted on June 15, 2019.

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