Ambient time with: Walter Mmari, PCM, and Rahikka #ambient #drone #electronic #NewMusic

A triple serving of ambient and drone from Walter Mmari, PCM and Rahikka.

South Africa’s Walter Mmari returns with Focus. A lovely downtempo ambient track. A wonderfully calming piece for an agitated mind. As Walter says, “In a world of constant distraction, focusing is a super power.” The soft focus of the piano against a washing waves backdrop encourages a meditative air. Chiming refrains offer the focus of ascending tones. A really rather lovely approach. As Walter concludes, “On Earth all things are created twice, first in our minds, and then in reality.”


Bandcamp (buy)

Next, and new here is PCM from Italy. This is Francesco Perra (P), Matteo Cantaluppi (C), and Matteo Milea (M). They have a number of the standard ambient influences like Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and Brian Eno. But the track Ma is still a fragile beauty. It is drone done as a slo-mo classical piece endlessly revolving in time and space. Drone is such a hard genre to master and this is done effortlessly. Organ chords soar majestically but ever so slowly. A track of endless oscillation.

They also have an album out later in the year called Attraverso. This focuses on the word ATTRAVERSO, pictured as “a metaphorical trip through to human inner consciousness.” Every track is titled with the “Attraverso” written in different languages. I shall look out for it.

Finally, even more drone and abstract from Rahikka. This is the artist pseudonym of Carson Rennekamp, based in Seattle, Washington. The piece is Black River II. It’s definitely towards the experimental side of things where life moves at a glacial pace. Tones come into view and then gradually drift away but with an almost endless held bank of noise and sound comprising the track. Hardly surprising that he says, “much like a river, the goal of the record is to be a constant envelopment of sound.”


~ by acidted on June 18, 2019.

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