Leftfield triple with: Agency666, Alexander Wright, and Lanky Lgs #IDM #house #acid #NewMusic

Jango’s done a bit of early Christmas shopping and he’s bought a triple selection for you from Agency666, Alexander Wright, and Lanky Lgs. The sounds flow from leftfield house, into IDM and ambient and finally some frazzled acid.

Agency666 is an Istanbul born, Chicago based Producer/DJ delivering underground techno, which says he touches on, “the themes of violence, melancholia, and nostalgia.” Can you get which theme we’re dealing with on the track Melancholia? In fact, this isn’t the depressed dirge you might be expecting. It’s a slightly dark leftfield lofi house track. There’s a minimalism here that really works, offering all the elements some proper space in which to breath (or perhaps, sigh). All the sounds have an engaging wonkiness. What is happening it says. You’re being sucked in. That’s what.

Next, Alexander Wright, who is another living away from the country of his birth. He is a producer, mixing and mastering engineer from Australia. He currently lives in the United States. The track is One Flew from his The Blue Shores of Silence LP. At a sonic level, I guess Flying Lotus offers the nearest reference point. On the one hand, its a lovely calm ambient synth piano journey. All soft pads and held tones. At another it’s the fizzy, scratchy discordant IDM of the troubled mind. This is all accentuated by the spoken vocal of angelic bombs and eternal mercy. You may not find peace here but you will certainly be intrigued.

Finally, Lanky Lgs from Stockholm, Sweden. He offers the perky acid house of Acid Pattern. Where most acid tracks go for techno or psychedelic underpinnings Lanky stays within a house template. This gives the track a lightness of touch and a welcome optimism. The acid vies with skipping beats and a set of synths designed to stay on the lght side. Really fun track to make you smile. Seven minutes of gay abandon. Turn on, tune in, dance out.

~ by acidted on June 21, 2019.

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