Rainy day chilling with: MARTH – Golden Hour #chill #electronic #NewMusic


Summer rain. Steady but not hard. Grey skies back again. Time to stay indoors, nurse a coffee and relax to MARTH track Golden Skies.

This is a trumpet focused chilled track. It’s a bit Kinobe. A bit 90s chill. And none the worse for that. There’s a lovely relaxed sense. A positive sense of the future. MARTH says, “Inspired by a painting from Van Gogh. It discribes the feeling that goes with that one specific hour on a day when everything look more beautiful.“ The dinosaur at the top of this post benefits from the effect of the burnished hue of golden hour light. But you can also bathe in the warmth of this track. Take the time to have your own golden hour.

~ by acidted on June 25, 2019.

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