Ambient seas with: Spices Peculiar – Night at Sea Podcast: Episode 59 #ambient #drone #meditation #electronic #idm

Meditiation. So now. But the accompanying music style is usually weak inoffensive drone. Here’s something set in a meditative genre that holds your attention and engages your senses. A piece of ambient strangeness in a podcast for you to enjoy.

Spices Peculiar is an improvisational looping project lead by Dante Villagomez from Pittsburgh, PA and involving a range of musicians. The track on offer is a 10 minute piece called Night At Sea, for which this quote rather sums up the experience:

“The sea was smooth, warm and as dark as black velvet, not a ripple disturbing the surface. The distant coastline of Albania was dimly outlined by a faint reddish glow in the sky. Gradually, minute by minute, this faint glow deepened and grew brighter, spreading across the sky. Then suddenly the moon, enormous, wine-red, edged herself over the fretted battlement of mountains, and threw a straight blood-red path across the dark sea. The owls appeared now, drifting from tree to tree as silently as flakes of soot, hooting in astonishment as the moon rose higher and higher, turning to pink, then gold, and finally riding in a nest of stars, like a silver bubble.”
― Gerald Durrell, My Family and Other Animals

There’s a smooth drone that provides the backboe to the track, with its slow rises and falls. But around it is strnage loops and static hisses and far off chimes and bass noises. Quietly thrilling.

~ by acidted on June 27, 2019.

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