Sunshine and chill with: Tuplain and Wandour #chill #downtempo #electronic #brokenBeat

Heatwave. I’m burning up. Not yet. 45.9 in France (gulp) but not quite yet in England. But with sunshine and blue skies here’s a couple of tracks with which to relax from Tuplain and Wandour.

Tuplain grew up in Switzerland. He now lives in the US. And there’s a bit of that wandering feet, world experience embedded into his work. Tear is the track and has some lovely chilled vibes. But central to the tun is the Tar, a Persian stringed instrument, which Tuplain claims, “is believed to help fight headaches, insomnia and melancholy.” This takes the cntral role in leading the way through the track, accompanied by some broken beats annd a bit of subtle electronics enhanced by some wordless wailing. This looks off to other places and other experiences and doesn’t want you to be sad about going there.

Wandour is from the UK. And where Tuplain’s work was essentially rural and of the countryside, his work is inescapably urban. The track is the dark future chill of Flux. It’s the shine on oily puddles. The glitter of faulty street lights. That bit of Burial type dubstep and piano gives it a lightness of touch and reminds me of South London days long ago. Hanging around chicken shacks. The cough of the faulty car. The far off shouting of pub closing time. A broken bottle. The random walk of a windswept empty drinks can aimlessly blowing down the road.



~ by acidted on June 29, 2019.

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