Sun and clouds with: Lucas Bakker, Maximilian Hoeft, and Open X Spaces #chill #electronic #experimental #house #lofi

Yesterday was a scorcher, so I’m still in the market for some chilled tunes but with a less languid air and a touch more experimentation. Tracks from Lucas Bakker, Maxmilian Hoeft, and Open X Spaces.

Let’s start with Lucas Bakker and his track BounceMeThere. Lucas is from the USA but I know no more than that. BounceMeThere is an experimental chill track. Lots of backwards and warped electronics but set against some delightfully sunny guitar. You get a blend of steel string acoustic guitar, nylon string acoustic guitar and banjo. We all love a bit of banjo. Lucas says “This is a good vibe for LoFi chilling, road-tripping, generally feeling good.” And that’s about all you need to know. A bit like a wonderfully sunny and optimistic version of Deliverance’s dueling banjos. I love this.

Hue from Maximilian Hoeft is up next. He is from central Germany and comes to electronic music via a childhood steeped in classical music. And that rather comes through in the dolorous piano sounds. Quite chamber music focused. But there’s a lovely experimentation and a bit of found sound to everything else. It’s all very chilled, ambient even. The broken beats and crispness of the elctronics give the whole thing an organic, warm pastoral air. This is a track of beautiful inward contemplation.



Finally, from London comes Open X Spaces and Take Care. This is chilled but with house as the base. It’s low key and more than a bit lofi. This isn’t the London of concrete, steel and glass. This is a bit more organic. The London of small back gardens and parks. Bits of greenery peek through the track as it offers dialled down house with multiple beat sources. A hymn to looking up and retaining positivity. OXS summarises this as, “Encouraging people to transform into who they want to be, and letting them know it’s ok to change with the times.” Get your personal growth starting here.



~ by acidted on June 30, 2019.

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