Early morning sunshine with: Mourad Hany, Stratus9, and Tabard #ambient #downtempo #NewMusic

Another early start. Dawn broken but only just. A wonderfully still and golden part of the day. The light feels more fragile. And so are these tracks from Mourad Hany, Stratus9 and Tabard.

Mourad Hany is from Cairo, Egypt and takes us on a desert journey with this wonderful track – Origins. This mixes deep bass lines and electronic wizardry with Arabic strings. It’s a swirling tune that has a wonderfully stomping quality that demands you dance. It’s not afraid to pause to let you drawn breath. But only for a moment before you’re off again. There’s the sound of the crowd woven deep into the track and gives it an all-encompassing atmosphere. Keep up and don’t let the caravan leave without you.



Stratus9 are Matt Tondut & SENSiTiZER from Australia. Coast is the track. Released on Valley View Records, this is an ocean inspired track but also where sea meets sand. There are waves of gentle lapping soynths that blend into each other. Rising and falling like silvery sunlight on the waves. And from the land comes far off sounds and a strummed acoustic guitar. A coastal walk. A sense of vastness and isolation. The sea sweeping in from the horizon. The destination a lonely campfire. Simply magical summery downtempo.

From the USA comes electronic duo Tabard (aka Zach and Pat). Their track Cancel (Reciever) is inspired by Berlin School progressive electronic and Caterina Barbieri. If that all sounds too much like art with a capital A. Fear not. This track isn’t about the notes or even the spaces between them. It’s about the notes and the spaces between creating a mood. A feeling. A sensation so real it’s almost tactile. This is the music of the dancing motes of dust in a beam of sunlight. A weightless almost watery sound of modular synths. A synth experience in which you can immerse yourself. Be cleansed. And emerge renewed. Synths for the salvation of the soul.

~ by acidted on July 16, 2019.

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