Electronics and acoustic guitar with: Jonny Joel, Altvater, and Yahia Khalif #electronic #chill #house #NewMusic

A triple set of tracks that take electronics and marry them with some gentle guitar to give you a chilled space with Jonny Joel, Altvater, abnd Yahia Khalif.

Jonny Joel is first up. He hails from Nuremberg in Germany. The track is Twosteps from his Different LP. This takes a chiming guitar refrain and blends it with electronics that wander around the chill and deep house borders. Everything is sensual and laid back. The only thing to break the reverie is a false break around 2 minutes which winds itself up only to let you down gently. This is so melodic and relaxing you will ache with the depth of pleasure from this track.

Altvater from South Carolina in the USA returns with Even Young. This is classic chilled cinematic hip hop. Think K&D or Nightmares on Wax. There’s some strummed guitar, a bit of surface crackle and hip hop beats. A veritable smokers delight. It’s all about the head nodding and pleasure centres tweaked that little bit more by the wordless angelic vocal. Even the addition of a bit of flute feels entirely right and in tune with the mood and vibes of the track. And it’s not often I say that.

The third offering is by Yahia Khalif from Cairo, Egypt. A first time here with the track lost. This is a more obviously guitar focused track mixing a bit of lazy lead guitar and bass guitar. But the mood is wonderfully chilled with a hint of beats far off in the background. Has all the air of a late evening outdoors. Of stars and moonlight. Not really lost as such, more not wanting to be found. At under two minutes it’s really a bit too short for all the potential locked up in the track. But for 114 seconds it is the centre of my world.

~ by acidted on July 19, 2019.

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