Tip Top Techno Triple with: The Micronauts, 808 State, and Chance King #techno #NewMusic #electronic

A fabulous threesome of techno for you this morning from the Micronauts, 808 State, and Chance King.

France’s The Micronauts are back with a new Head Remixes EP from which we have Dirt (Nomenklatür Remix). The tracks from the EP are taken from last year’s Body Control Head Control LP. THe other remixes are provided by Popof, VONDA7, and S3A. The Dirt remix keeps some of the essential dark techno sleaze which pervades so much of The Micronauts’ best work and adds a synthwave sheen. There’s something both retro and futuristic about all of this. Like music for the Moon landings 50 years on this welds the past to the future.

Next another classic electronic pedigree in a new one from Manchester’s 808 State. They have a new Granada Initial Report EP out. For non-UK folk, Granada was a UK TV company bitd. The track is Ujala. This is a tribal techno affair. Afro beats interweave with a taut one string bass. Blips and bloops of electronics of yore offer what passes for a melody. It’s all very experimental and strange and year the centrality of the beats makes it also strangely danceable. Perfect back room peak time material but simply head scratching for the main room. Like the sample says, simply ‘fantastic’.

Finally, a newcomer to AcidTed in Chance King. From the USA, he offers ILLEGAL RAVE. After two techno stalwarts there’s a wonderous freshness to this track. There’s a whole load of early UK acid house about this. Sampling the TV reporter’s grumbling about a rave which of course gets to visit a number of ‘illegal rave’ cliches. Meanwhile, gay abandon in the background. A bass line that Peter Hook would be proud of leads the track. Beats are kept mid tempo so you get to enjoy the peaks, breaks, bass and the glitched samples. As Chance explains, “I played a festival in Hawaii and later that night I watched a live news broadcast of the city calling the festival an “Illegal rave” and couldn’t resist myself.” Properly, properly good.

~ by acidted on July 20, 2019.

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