Three types of Sunday chill with: Ziino, Glass Meadow, and Northern Dusk #chill #dubstep #Acid #minimal #electronic

A Sunday chill triple bill from Ziino, Glass Meadow, and Northern Dusk but with each taking a different path to the chilled end place.

Ireland’s Ziino returns with Métro, Boulot, Dodo. This is (I had to look it up) a French expression meaning ‘commute, work, sleep’ or ‘live to work’. But as ever translating something from one language to another loses a bit of the full meaning. This article here is quite helpful if you want to delve further. As for the track its one of contrasts. There’s some chill here but with an edgy, almost restless, sense of underlying anxiety and pace from the bass. Synths whoosh in a dreamy way. But still the bass offers taut contrast. Clever.



Next, Glass Meadow who goes for a bit of delicate dubstep alongside the chill. He says “I’m a rapper/producer living in LA via NJ.” Though Croydon sounds more plausible. The track is Guide Dog and it’s a delightfully Burial-style dubstep track. Delicate 2step beats and garage sounds are mixed with floating, ethereal elements and vocals. This has that late night, on the night bus dislocation feel, depite the promise from Glass Meadow that this has, “A hint of hope and guidance for those who feel loneliness.” May the rain wash away the pain of our sins and offer hope for morning’s redemption.

Finally, Germany’s Northern Dusk and Astral Island. Now, acid isn’t a genre you’d normally associate with chill. But bear with me on this one. This is chill as a spacey, tripped out, out there experience. This is your soul separated from your body. This is the transcending experience of a lack of sleep or, yes, an acid trip. Beats march in a measured way. But they sit far enough into the background that the focus is on the acid. It comes in dubbed waves and spirals. You are cast adrift in the storm of your mind. Twisting my acid lemons, man. This is utterly brilliant.

As an end piece, here’s what ND has to say:

Sometimes you gotta say “What the fuck”. Make your move.
Because every now and then, saying “What the fuck” brings freedom.
And freedom brings opportunity.
And opportunity makes your future.
So, your parents are going out of town?
“What the fuck.”
You got the place all to yourself?
“What the fuck.”
Six minute dubbed out twisting acid groover?
“What the fuck.”

~ by acidted on July 21, 2019.

One Response to “Three types of Sunday chill with: Ziino, Glass Meadow, and Northern Dusk #chill #dubstep #Acid #minimal #electronic”

  1. Northern Dusk is excellent, thanks for the tip.

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