Set to stun: Wooden Signals – Blissful Catatonia #drone #ambient #electronic #NewMusic

Just the one this morning. From Ireland’s Wooden Signals comes Blissful Catatonia from the Wooden Signals EP. This is ambient drone of the highest quality. Everything is set to stun. Tones come, stay, and seemingly never fade. This is moments frozen in time. Layers upon layers of eternal sounds. Although largely dystopian there is just a little chink of light. The slightest sliver of optimism. But only in the decay of everything.

Equally cheerily, Wooden Signals offers, “Lost people, abandoned buildings and dead towns as far as the eye can see. A photo in the rubble shows what life once was and what it could be again. But for now you’re stuck here in this bleak reality with no end in sight. Time passes slowly, withering away you’re already fragile psyche. More and more time you spend staring at the photograph, enveloping yourself within it. Drifting in and out of it, until there is simply nothing left, but a photo in the rubble.” What’s on your photograph?


Wooden Signals EP on Bandcamp (name your price)

~ by acidted on July 22, 2019.

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