Techno twosome with: CBDJ, and Innellea #techno #electronic #NewMusic

Two techno offerings this morning from CBDJ and Innellea.

CBDJ aka cashboii is Erik Enhorning from Toronto/Montreal. He offers a track – Care Tonight – that he says “emulates an emotional warehouse rave.”  This is techno as a bright glittering experience. There are tiny touches of acid in the sparkling synths and house beats. He salls it, “An ode to classic 90’s techno with acid and industrial elements.” Thankfully industrial doesn’t really appear. This is a bit more epiphanic first e. All fellow feeling and love abounds. Delightfully light touch.

Next, Innellea with an hour long mix of their own stuff. Apparently Innellea is “a neologism; created in reference to the musical reinvention of the duo.” Not sure I really understand that but this is a wonderful journey through techno and IDM. There’s a gloriously psychedelic element to the music that offers essences of far off exoctic places and mystical secrets. They call this an “album that’s not an album.” And that’s pretty much what you get. And you should take it now. This is top quality.

~ by acidted on July 23, 2019.

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