Ambient chill with: Bunraku, and Shibui Nigai #ambient #chill #NewMusic

This morning’s chilled electronic comes with an Eastern tinge with Bunraku and Shibui Nigai.

Bunraku is from Tokyo, Japan and offers on Meguro a tour through Bunraku’s story of Tokyo neighbourhoods. Bunraku, also known as Ningyō jōruri, is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theatre. Meguro isn’t in any way theatrical. It’s an ambient dreamscape. I’ve never been to Japan but there’s something driftingly wonderful about this track. An evocative, misty wash over space and time. This track is full of a grace that I don’t readily associate with urban areas of the West. Meguro is from Bunraku’s forthcoming debut album Toshi, to be released later this year. If this is anything to go by it should be a delightful album.



Next, Shibui Nigai. Shibui in Japanese means “astringent”: the feeling you get from eating lemons or drinking special red wines. Nigai means “bitter”. That gives you a sense of what he’s going after. But he’s not from Japan, instead Milan Italy. This is about the ambient soundscape opportunities of the bass. The track is High Above. The track is a journey of the mind. The ‘high’ in the title is deliberately ambiguous judging from the description of the percussion being, “recorded using 99% drums I created from stoney objects like bongs, grinders, lighters, jaars, rolling papers & so on.” This is a really lovely track, albeit frustratingly short at under 3 minutes. Just about gives you time to relax and let your mind go. The bass twangs in a low key way. The various percussion noises give that air of disorientation and disconnection from the run of the mill. Synths float about welding the elements together. Give your blood pressure a break with this fabulous track.

~ by acidted on July 26, 2019.

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