Ambient Sunday triple with: stanleystanley, Ion Stream and Elson Complex #ambient #electronic #drone #expermental

A triple bill of ambient and experimental this morning with stanleystanley, Ion Stream, and Elson Complex.

stanleystanley is the electronic music producer alias of Jordan Russell-Hall from the UK. Of his work he rather sweetly says that he, “tends to write brief electronic compositions with repetitive melodic hooks and calming tones that act as an entrance to the world of ambient music for the short attention-spanned listener (and himself).”

And that’s the case with the track featured today. It’s beside myself (and looking in) from the beside myself ep. A scant two and a half minutes but still worth the pause in your life. Repeated melodic tones rise and fall. There’s an air of calm with a trance-like mood. No beats disturb the unruffled space. This is pouring oil on troubled waters. Skillfully simple track disguises intricate elements. Lovely.



Next, Ion Stream. Also from the UK with the title track from his Colony LP. This owes much to JMJ in my book (although he also claims Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields, and Michael McCann) and isn’t afraid of epic. This is widescreen deep space synth music. A track of vast ambition that mixes brave new synths with the hissing of the infinite void of space. A bit of throat singing for sending everything spiraling out into the beyond. Ambition is its middlle name. Fabulously well executed.

Thirdly, Elson Complex. A Spanish musician and songwriter. He’s a Spanish finger-style nylon-string guitar player and we get lots of that on the really lovely Vestiges. Of the track he says it’s, “An oscillating flow of sound with an anesthetic pulse beat, both determined by the relation and permutation of calm and rapid rhythm patterns in combination with melodic phrases. What? Just enjoy! ;-)”

I’ve no idea what that means but I did enjoy this. It’s Spanish guitar but Vestiges has a structure I’d more associate with electronic music. The repeated phrases act almost like beats or percussion. It ends up with something that really approaches drone in the way that it’s constantly circling back on itself. Like a echo coming back again and again. But with enough finger-style melody to give it an extra layer that lifts it up and up. Wonderful.

~ by acidted on July 28, 2019.

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