Time for House with: Marlon Hoffstadt, Camp North, and Kataa #house #electronic #NewMusic

A triple set of house tracks to start the week from Marlon Hoffstadt, Camp North, and Kataa.

Berlin DJ-producer Marlon Hoffstadt reaches back into dance’s past with his Eurodancer Unite – a new three-track EP on his Midnight Themes label. This is lookng forward by looking back to early 90s acid and house. Eunited Kingdom (28 Lovers Mix) takes all manner of dance music’s past into a single track. Synths whoosh about with a bit of a trance affair. Acid gives the track some drive and grit. And is that a bit of the funky drummer I hear? In lesser hands this could be either a mish mash of conflicting noise or a simple pastiche. This is neither of those things. This is a call for peace and unity old style. The fellow feeling of an E’d up past. As Marlon says “I’m calling all the Eurodancers to unite for a better future. Out of dance music culture, we have the power to move things. United, we are strong enough to fight for a greener planet. For ourselves and our children. Side by side, we make a change.”

Buy the EP here

America’s Camp North returns with a change of direction. I’ve featured a number of his ambient tracks. This ain’t one of them. Dizzy is coming out of the back room and aiming for the main room. A house and tech house mix that wants you to get up and dance. He says this “blends summer vibes with a basement tech umph!” THat’s about the size of it. What that description misses is the additon of the “got me spinnin'” sampel which gives this track that bit of extra banger appeal. Get up on your feet and dance.

Finally, for good measure, Kataa. I’m not sure where Kataa is from but I know where it’s going. Ibiza. After A While is a big, big hand waving, no messing house track. Destined for bars and clubs on the White Island. There’s no attempt at being too clever here. This presses all the pleasurre buttons to 11. A set of upbeat house beats that have a Lazarus like effect on dead feet. A set of synths that get the blood pressure rising and fingers pointing skywards. This is fresh while sounding classic. A new track that’s almost something you’ve never heard a hundred times before but still enjoy. Sea, sand and simple pleasures.

~ by acidted on July 29, 2019.

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