Experimental chill with: DEADBEAR and Lisofv #chill #NewMusic #electronic


A couple of chilled experimental tracks from DEADBEAR and Lisofv.

DEADBEAR is Berlin-based producer and electronic musician Nick Donovan. His new release is a Charity (Refugees Welcome) record created from 12 different world music vinyl. He describes this as “Yemeni folk is collided with sudanese work songs reimagined as electronic.” The track I have for you is Black Sheep Is Meaty. This combines sounds from Turkey, North Sudan and Tibet. There’s more than a little Banco de Gaia in this. A swirling collision of strings , ululating and electronic sounds. A soft set of beats provides an unobtrusive backdrop and allows the ear to enjoy the interplay of the instruments  all rather wonderful.

World Music Market

Next, Lisofv from Korea with No Rest or Endless Rest. This is chill with a dreamy ethereal edge. The beats have that dubby hip hop edge to give a slightly stoned air. Strings and electronics spiral and curl on each other. There’s nothing like a usual hook but the track remains constantly interesting and fresh. Really delightful.

~ by acidted on July 30, 2019.

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