August chill with: Digby Jones, and Dollarstore Keyboard #Chill #NewMusic #Lounge #IDM

Pinch, punch, first of the month. Ah the playground at the start of a month with people running around trying to pinch and punch each other while shouting that. And white rabbits, no return to avoid the victim retaliating. But only until midday. Ah, the bruises. Soothing the aching limbs comes Digby Jones and Dollar Store Keyboard with some contrasting flavours of chill.

Digby Jones is from the UK and offers the summery lounge chill of Thank You Very Much (Tune for N.O-T). This has a laid back but funky swing. It gives the title sample plenty of room and mixes all manner of synths, Rhodes, beats and bongos. There’s a warm summer breeze about it all. And rather sweetly Digby Jones days “Wrote this tune for one of my son’s teachers, who has been the best teacher EVER. He’s inspiring, fun and great with kids – he has made them all confident, happy, dynamic little people.”

Next, from Minnesota, USA comes Dollarstore Keyboard. He makes breakbeat, acid, IDM and ambient music. And you get a bit of all of that on In Another State, the title track to his new album. This is a leftfield kind of chill that harks back to the late 90s and early 00s. But with an underlying clatter of IDM awkwardness that owes much to the likes of Aphex Twin. A track that has a wonderfully ramshackle air of being on the verge of falling apart but always manging to hold itself together. And being rather cute with it. That’s due to the clever use of piano and then almost trumpet to give the track a thread around which the rest can coalesce. Marvellous.

Ablum on Bandcamp

~ by acidted on August 1, 2019.

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