Starts quietly with: Brokenkites, and Channel 11 #ambient #mnimal #downtempo #electronic #NewMusic

Not really had enough sleep this morning. But am up and posting nonetheless. In need to tracks that don’t make the more difficult. So here’s Brokenkites and Channel 11 to fit that bill.

Brokenkites is a chill artist and claims to be from Antarctica. Ho ho ho. He (?) offers Wood Between The Worlds from his Seven Circles album. It’s so good I’m prepared to forgive any irritation at the Antarctic schtick. This is a totally wonderful track. A mix of ambient and ethereal sounds. This is totally soothing but in no way music that fades into the background. This is here in the present with you. Some slightly clicky beats and firm synths give it a mass and a presence that doesn’t take no for an answer. Whilst simultaneously lulling you into a semi-waking dreamland.

Seven Circles

Next, London-based Channel 11 (Elizabeth Gaffney). This is deep disco done as ambient chill. Sounds a terribe mish mash but is lovely. As for her background, it says that “She made the discovery of electronic music by chance at nine years old when her family moved to Ireland from Canada in 1991. One of the most treasured possessions that she had taken with her was a little white ghetto blaster that she placed on her bedside table.” And through that into electronic music.

There’s something of the restless, playful experimentation of the early 90s electronic artists in this track, Where?. It starts in quite soft ambient drone synth territory before breaking free and wandering off into something keeningly stranger. Beats arrive and start shoving this track towards awkward dance floors. But it can never quite let itself go of the underlying melancholy. Hardly surprising therefore that she says, “While the track is upbeat,I was actually very sad and lost at the time after letting go of someone I loved-wondering where he was and where I would go from here…” Enjoy the balance between sadness and joy from a really talented artist.

Taken from the album The Love That Could

~ by acidted on August 3, 2019.

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