Sunday techno with: Ness Uno, and Marko Riaz #techno #NewMusic #Electronic #house #acid

Sunday is a time to genuflect towards the gods of techno who have today provided tracks from Ness Uno and Marko Riaz.

Ness Uno based in Berlin returns with a new track. This is Julianus Somnium. Ness Uno explains that, “Julian the Apostate was the last Roman Emperor to try to restore the Ancient Pagan religion in the face of Christianity. He saw Christianity as a cult of weakness and almost succeeded in destroying it, but was killed in a battle against the Persians before his Dream (Somnium) was able to be completed, how would the western world be?”

Whilst you ponder the impact of Christianity on the West and the rest of the world Ness Uno gets on with providing a techno track that has lots of electro and synthwave elements. This is a bit Kraftwerk in places. This is a vision of acid and 70s electronics. There are lots of strings for that ethereal dreamlike state. Of the past and of the present. Another corker from Ness Uno.

From Italy, Marko Riaz also has a dream and that’s the title of his release Dream. There’s nothing vague, fantastical or unfocused about these dreams. This is properly focused lucid dreaming. There’s a strength and mental toughness in the beats allied to some powerful acid influences. This uses the “Behold, here cometh the dreamer” sample that I think was used on Quench’s 1993 release Dreams. The track fair gallops along, never pausing to draw breath. It wants you to be carried away by its vision. A superb track for messy 3am dance floor moments.

I’ve included the long version from Spotify (7:45) and a shorter version from Soundcloud (3:56).



~ by acidted on August 4, 2019.

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