Let’s go lo-fi house with: Father Sheed, and TAKURA NDUDZO #House #NewMusic #Leftfield #Electronic

It’s a long weekend here. Some downtime tuneage from Father Sheed and Takura Ndudzo in which we explore some of house’s more lo-fi and experimental corners.

First Father Sheed (Nick Jamshidi), who sounds a bit like a spin off from Father Ted but is actually from Austin, Texas, USA. He offers the properly fabulous Nvr Loved U for the Craggy Island disco. The title is pretty direct about where all this is going. And the opening sample, with its “OK. This is a little awkward..” does that long circuitous route to you’redumpedville. Sad for whoever but great for us. Allows a nicely moody lo-fi house gem to emerge from the wreckage of the relationship. Lots of blips and bloops and moody bass keys. Skittering 80s beats give this a lost in the past vibe. Corking.



Next, from Gweru, Zimbabwe, comes Takura Ndudzo. He says his track comes with “gusto.” A much under-used word. Like it. The track is Actionspin. This is a sort of elastic techno track with more than a little lo-fi in its veins. It’s  part dance floor groover and part action film chase scene. There’s a big bit of cinematic widescreen house ambition going on here in the epic synths that stab away in the background in a kind of throbbing stringsway. But the action in the foreground is all about that bass line. A thing that’s part scuzz, part elasticity. Drives the track forward with propulsive motion. Ends a bit abruptly, this one.



~ by acidted on August 24, 2019.

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