Morning chill with: Skysia, and Glamaticus #chill #downtempo #Electronic #NewMusic


After hot restless nights let’s have a morning chill with a couple of cool tunes from Skysia and Glamaticus.

Skysia (Tanner Allen) is from Soutern California and offers the liquid charms of Motion. This is one of those languid abstract electronic compositions that cools the fevered brow. Owes a bit to Bonobo. But not too much. Has as much in common with 90s ambiet as anything else. It’s all terribly ethereal in the best sense of that word. Sounds ebb and flow. You bathe in its luxuriousness. The accompanying narrative says that it is, “the ideal score for an ecstatic dance experience.” Certainly not. An idea score for a lovely momentary daydream. A stop and stare moment. This makes everything better. Download here.



And so to Glamaticus from Cape Town South Africa. Another lovely chilled track in Future Nostalgia, opening track on the Journeys of Love EP. Looking back to look forward, this offers us a lead in via a gentle piano while electronics creep up almost unheard at first. Beats are forward looking in that crushed almost trap sense. But they dodn’t overwhelm. Strings join for a bit more pathos. This is the power of the IDM underground. A metronomic sense of the forward march of time and what is lost as the present constantly becomes the past. Shed a tear and enjoy.



Journeys of Love (Bandcamp)

~ by acidted on August 28, 2019.

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