Soft music of loss with: 2-WD – Vinegarplusrose #chill #Minimal #Electronic #NewMusic

Do you remember your first heartfelt loss? Not those slightly more abstract ones, in my case a grandparent who we saw infrequently, but ones more close to home. Perhaps my son had such a moment yesterday. His best friend, who he’s known for two-thirds of his life, moved yesterday to a different part of the country. They had a final day together. They had lunch and he gave him a card, before his mother came to take him away. Sometimes music is to sooth and sometimes simply to reflect. Today’s offering is from 2-WD (Ferris Bradley) and is beautifully in that vein.

2-WD is a recent Bachelor of Music graduate from the University of Aukland. The track is vinegarplusrose from an EP of the same name. It’s music not to soothe an aching heart but to acknowledge the sadness. Musically it’s a minimal electronic tune, in the more leftfield ambient spaces occupied by Jamie XX. An eight and a half minutes worth of inner contemplation. The synths gently chime in minor downtempo keys. The beats bobble away with a bit of shaker. It’s all a bit melancholic and machines continue to whizz and whirr. A recognition of the sweetness of loss and the acidic sting of loss as the world moves on. If not music for a broken heart, at least music for a bruised one. A properly lovely sad minimal electronic tune.

vinegarplusrose EP

~ by acidted on August 29, 2019.

One Response to “Soft music of loss with: 2-WD – Vinegarplusrose #chill #Minimal #Electronic #NewMusic”

  1. Nice post Ctel.

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