Kick back and relax with: Chris Voyage – This Summer Pentatonic Song #Chill #Guitar

As the sun has dipped below the yard arm and at the going down of the sun, let’s remember the summer with a drink and Chris Voyage.

Sometimes I want leftfield and challenge. But sometimes I simply want tracks to wash warmly over me. This is one of the latter. Chris claims to be a computer science treacher and guitarist. The tune, This Summer Pentatonic Song isn’t a song in my book, since it’s an instrumental. A pentatonic scale is, “a musical scale with five notes per octave, in contrast to the heptatonic scale more familiar to Western tradition that has seven notes per octave (such as the major scale and minor scale).” No idea if that’s relevant here. Unusually for me this tune is lead by the guitar work, rather than the electronics. With the guitar in the foregound there are some lovely electronics left to noodle happily in the background.  This offers the rush of a warm guitar embrace and a sense of positive and boundless possibilities. Perhaps one can ask for no more than that.

Mine’s an Aperol.

The track is part of my Downtempo Electronic Slumber playlist



~ by acidted on August 31, 2019.

One Response to “Kick back and relax with: Chris Voyage – This Summer Pentatonic Song #Chill #Guitar”

  1. awesome review!

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