Let’s get funky with Project Pablo, and Isaac R #DeepHouse #Electronic #TechHouse #Funky

Yay, it’s the weekend. Let’s celebrate with a couple of funky tracks from Project Pablo and Isaac R.

Project Pablo is from Canada and offers Sofware. I assume that’s not a typo. This is a lovely deep house track suffused with a bit of early 90s IDM and English House pastoralism.  It has a bit of that organic feel that Ultramarine used to mine so well. It’s a largely relaxed tune but with a bit of inescapable hip wriggling appeal. This is better for your stretching and bending than any yoga class. This is how a proper sun salutation is done. You can thank me later

Next , from France comes Isaac R with The Green Fairy. This is, I can only assume, a reference to the nickname for absinthe. This is the drink much beloved of nineteenth century artists and writers for its hallucinogenic quality largely arising from the use of wormwood as one of the drinks botanicals. On the track, Isaac offers, “The Green Fairy: Je ne me souviens plus de l’heure qu’il était, ni du temps qu’il faisait, ni l’époque où ça c’est passé. Je me souviens juste de la Fée Verte, une quête, un voyage d’où je ne suis jamais revenu… Depuis, je suis le futur, une sensation, entre deux mondes.”

The track itself it a whirling dervish of a deep house tune. A properly deeply funky track. This has dance floor friendly beats and an air of exoticism  The synths take an almost Middle Eastern turn. The bass is large, dark and looms over. This is not a track to which you can stay still. The Green Fairy insists that it is time for you to dance, until she is ready to let you go. Whenever that may be.


~ by acidted on September 7, 2019.

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