PREMIERE: Audioglider & Xspance – Sensory Reception #ambient #trance #downtempo #electronic

It’s Sunday, let’s have a premiere for you. A delightfully chilled track from Audioglider & Xspance’s new album Sensory Reception which is out tomorrow.

Audioglider & Xspance’s new album follows two years on from their 2017 effort Kollision. On Sensory Reception they’ve gone for an album of varied styles but with an overall wide-eyed wonder that’s meant to be listened to open mouthed in a field at dawn or at home nursing a hangover.

Opening track Seratonin encompasses that mood. A brilliantly beautiful largely beatless track to welcome the dawn. And rather wonderfully it’s our premiere track. This is a twenty year head rush of warmth, joy, and melancholy. All at the same time. It’s ambient but with all of the positivity of a 90s progressive trance track. Unsurprising Audioglider & Xspance’s say that it, “started out as a progressive house track – meant to convey the serotonin rush of the dancefloor, when all your senses are heightened and the sheer joy is palpable. But then in a – what if we try this moment – we stripped away all the percussion, but kept the structure.”

This is followed by the equally lovely Glimpse of Light. Another that doesn’t choose to make its impact through the beats. But rather rests on piano and washes of sound and colour. A gently dazzling flash of light breaking through trees. Cumulus Interior marks a change of pace and mood. It draws more heavily on beats with an almost dark and tribal feel. It wants you to see its worry lines. Hawking’s Law gets us back on track with more weightless colour. The musical equivalent of Olafur Eliasson’s disorientating Your Blind Passenger with its tunnel of fog and shifting light.

Another highlight is the almost dubbed charms of Flip The Switch. This has a swirling beauty, with chopped beats giving that almost dub sensation. The album closes with Synesthesia. This is the condition where one sense in simultaneously perceived as if by one of the other sense. A fitting close to an album which feels as much described in terms of colour or feelings of warmth as in musical terms. This album is a suffusing you with reds, ochre, yellow and white. An autumnal delight.

~ by acidted on September 8, 2019.

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