Monday is lo-fi house with: AkaHendy, and bedtimebunnage #Lofi #House #Electronic #NewMusic

Let’s start the week with a gentle clatter, rather than a bang, with a couple of lo-fi house tracks from AkaHendy and bedtimebunnage.

AkaHendy (Ian Henderson) is from Winnipeg, Canada. He devils around a chilled and almost world music set of sounds. And Dissipate is a beautiful example of that. A slow house beat underpins a wandering, hazy, almost hallucinogenic, sound. There are chimes and ancient vibes. It’s all delivered rather beautifully. All very smooth and soothing but without in any way being bland. It’s a complex layered proposition but fitting together like the finest dove-tailed joint. Chill on.

Next, bedtimebunnage from London, UK. His strap line is the to-be-welcomed, “the bangers are not the tunes that i wanna bang to”. I’m all for that. The track is i GOTTA GET OUTTASPACE from the Deja Voodoo LP. This is downtempo strings and sounds allied to a more dubstep or IDM set of clattering beats. A somewhat psychedelic downtempo proposition, as disorientating as looking at the track title for too long. A bass whose intermittent strength occasionally threatens to overwhelm the pixies at the heart of the track. But they’re ultimately fine. And you will be too if you listen to this.

Deja Voodoo LP

~ by acidted on September 9, 2019.

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