21st century steel city kosmische with: Åyusp – Trans-Edale Express #synth #kosmiche #disco #idm #electronic

Something a little bit special this morning. If you like Kraftwerk or Neu or Tangerine Dream, this is for you.

Åyusp is a collaboration between Sheffield-based musicians Graham McElearney and Paul Mills. They profess a common love for their favourite German electronic music, influenced in particular by Tangerine Dream, along with Neu, Harmonia, Kraftwerk, Ash Ra Temple, Klaus Schultz, and Popol Vuh. And as you might guess from that list we’re in the realms of synth-based Kosmiche disco.

The track is Trans-Edale Express, no doubt a cheeky wink at Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express classic (not to mention the dialect joke in their name). But that’s where the comedy stops. This is an excerpt from a track from their forthcoming debut album, out in October. And it’s brilliant. It manages to nod to the classics in all the right places. One finger patterns all present and correct. But it also manages that really difficult trick of not being in thrall to the past and offering something fresh and new. It’s a thrilling symphonic piece that deserves the widest stage, preferably outdoors. Yorkshire folk often think they’re a nation apart from the rest of the English. If independence happens, this should be the Yorkshire natinoal anthem. It speaks of industry, moorland, git and ambition.

If you’re in the UK and want to see them live, in October, they’re playing Nottingham Church of Sound on Thursday 17th and then Sheffield Bishops House on Friday 25th. Details on their Facebook page.

~ by acidted on September 10, 2019.

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