September chill with: Echo Kraft, Dark MTTR, and Whoever #Downtempo #Electronic #NewMusic #Chill

September’s that change from summer to autumn. But you want summer to hang in there. Yesterday was one of those lovely warm days. Almost summer but with the leaves obviously fading and curling. Let’s celebrate that with three largely chilled tracks from Echo Kraft, Dark MTTR and Whoever (not a typo).

Echo Kraft from the USA operates with analogue synths. The track is A Ribbon of Time (Remastered). This is a reworking of part of a 2016 track by Echo Kraft. The synths come in banks that have an almost guitar like quality. There are beats but there’s also a hazy hiss that suffuses the track and gives it an added strangeness. Like watching nebulae turn this has a vast and epic ambient quality. Someone call Prof Cox.

The UK’s Dark MTTR returns with cute newie Bonsai. Taken from Subconscious Songs, he says “It’s an electronic house track in 7/8 timing, and includes multiple instruments inc. beat box.” Yes it’s house but more in a chilled home listening vein than throwing shapes on the dance floor. The 7/8 timing gives it that slightly off kilter quality that keeps things interesting. But the main focus of the track is a deceptively simple synth and bass line that gradually invades your consciousness. A tiny piece of musical pleasure.



Finally, Whoever. The Whoever is a someone from Latvia (probably) and provided a remix for the blog three years ago. In the absence of anything else let’s focsu on the track. This is Ice. And it’s a chilly, slightly austere track. All machine noise and clicks and whirrs. Only just exceeds my two minute limit at 2:07 but still manages to make quite a powerful statement in that time. There’s a creaking of ice, a surprising degree of experimentation and a whole lot of ideas packed into a track that beds time to sound longer than it really is. This may be Whoever but the track definitely isn’t a whatever.

~ by acidted on September 14, 2019.

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