Ambient Sunday with: SP’c, Harven, and Luca Bacchetti #drone #ambient #NewMusic #downtempo #Electronic

Let’s slowly glide into Sunday with three downtempo and ambient tracks from SP’c, Harven, and Luca Bacchetti.

SP’c is from Belgium. But I know no more than that. Perhaps better we leave things a bit mysterious and unknown. Because that’s what comes over from the track. Trench (Groundlevel Remix) is slowly chiming ambient. This moves at a glacial pace, which is wonderful. There are some softly clattery beats that drift in and out but pushed a welcome bit back in the mix. This track stretches the limits of the possible into 2:50. And therein’s the rub. This should be more like 25 minutes. It’s unhurried demeanour demands lots and lots of ime and space to properly sink into. Wonderful, nonetheless.

Next, Harven. Another artist I know nothing about. Again doesn’t matter. Insomia is downtempo of romantic longing. Starting with a film sample of awkward interaction (One Day, I think) and filled with piano. This is just delightful. I can even tolerate the modern trappish hip hop beats. The whole doomed romance unfold unbidden in your head. This is head noddingly brilliant stuff.

Finally, Italian Producer and DJ Luca Bacchetti’s first single, Awakenings. Another track with burgeoning romance in its soul. From the inherent promise of the title to the leading piano. This is downtempo but hopeful, a desire of things to come. A track of things on the cusp, of anticipation. The piano is set into an IDM carapace that tinkles, whoops, whirrs and blips away. But just like the heart’s desire the piano cannot be deflected. Lovely.

~ by acidted on September 22, 2019.

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