Never mind the rain: Lunahod – Promars #House #ProgressiveHouse #NewMusic #Electronic

Rain. Fallling down my window pane. In the south of England we’re not used to consistent rain. And that’s what the last two days have provided. Need something firm but cheering. Here’s Lunahod to deliver that outcome on Promars. He’s from Croatia and the track title is taken from the Roland Promars Compuphonic synthesizer. The tune is full of a spacey progressive house. It’s pitched as “If Chemical Brothers would meet with Jon Hopkins for coffee at Floating Points’ house.” An evocative description that’s only partially right. Yes, there’s a bunch of Floating Point spaciness and Jon Hopkins downtempo melody. The Chems? Not so much. Still a very fine track, mind. Has a bit of a shuffling approach to the dance floor but its inherent cheeriness means you can’t be down or sitting down for too long when this comes on. And, it gets a bonus point for being made with lots of coffee.

~ by acidted on September 25, 2019.

3 Responses to “Never mind the rain: Lunahod – Promars #House #ProgressiveHouse #NewMusic #Electronic”

  1. Thanks Sir for sharing this one: very nice track, one of the few that will make it to my playlist, nowadays! 😉

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