Layering on meaning with: Owen Ross – Slowlee Ft. Vosh (radio edit) #House #Electronic #NewMusic #Downtempo

You can get multiple layers of meaning from a single word. Take Owen Ross’ new Plants EP. Are we in the meaning of organic vegetation and music of the trees? Or perhaps something more machine music in terms of industrial plant. Even the backwards strings paranoia of the spy world plant. Or simply proclaiming a winner of a track like a pool plant? Yes and no and perhaps simply all four meanings can co-exist simultaneously on this experimental house track.

Owen Ross is from the US but is currently living in Berlin. But in a way, given its influence, perhaps all of us in electronic music are living a bit in Berlin. His background is hip hop and R&B. There’s only a little of that here. He’s gone for something stranger and better in this slightly sprawling 10 track EP. Let’s focus on Slowlee Ft. Vosh. There are two verisons on the EP, an edit and an extended mix. And they’re both great. The radio edit opens with some backwards sounds and beats to set a disorientating tone. Vosh is somewhere in there. But left far back in the mix. Another element of wordless strangeness. It’s a kinda slow lofi House track. But its experimental nature demands much from you dear listener. Not that it’s in any way harsh. More that notes don’t fall as you expect. Beats happen in a tripped way. You are plucked for from the comfort of your home and sent somewhere else on an electronic audio adventure. We are, perhaps, through the looking glass, my dear.

Plants EP

~ by acidted on September 27, 2019.

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