Public service announcement: The Central Office of Information by The Central Office Of Information #Electronic #IDM @CastlesInSpace

It is my public duty to draw to your attention The Central Office of Information by The Central Office of Information.

The Central Office of Information, or COI as we called it in Government, was the successor to the wartime Ministry of Information. Born in 1946 it was killed off by the coalition Government at the end of 2011. It has been reborn as a vehicle for Kent-based Alex Cargill.

The sounds are experimental, electronic and steering strongly towards IDM. There’s also a vein of psychedelia in the swirling patterns which sometimes veer towards the paranoid. An on edge album of unexplained, unresolved strangeness. Occasionally blippy and cheery. I should use the word ‘playful’ but that might belittle it. Mostly whimsical and idiosyncratic this ploughs its own furrow. Search for the meaning within.

Obviously it comes in an intricate CD package described thus, “With an incredibly strong logo and artwork from the hugely in demand Nick Taylor at Spectral Studio, the hand numbered CD is housed in an extravagant printed manilla string and washer envelope with concomitant faux-photocopied sheets, puzzling hand-stamped inserts and lost/recovered ephemera – all playing to idea that this is a glimpse of something fallen between the cracks that you shouldn’t have access to. No two copies are the same.”

~ by acidted on September 28, 2019.

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