C’mon let’s go with: Le Twan and INVŌKER #House #Acid #Techno #Electronic #NewMusic

Let’s get up and at ’em with bouncing tunes from Le Twan and INVŌKER.

Le Twan, aka Antoine Gautier, returns to Acid Ted after a period away with the fat house bounce of Hunty Bounty. This ain’t what we’d expect from Switzerland (his birth place and current residence) but does reflect his rock background and time in the USA. Hunty Bounty starts off as it means to go on with a low down and dirty bass. As satisfying as a pig rolling in mud. Gives the track a bit of rock god posing. Like Lemmy went electronic. This gets accompanied by some solid beats and some squirting synth. Totally dance floor friendly. You end up bouncing along with a ridiculous smile on your face.

France’s INVOKER brings on the acid sleaze of the seasonally-appropriate I Should Be Home (But It’s Warmer On The Dancefloor). A track to warm the cockles of an old raver’s heart. This has some dark 90s beats and a bit of a widescreen trance sad synth thing. But this avoids the temptation to go all ethereal. It stays firmly on the dance floor. That slightly retrospective quality to the track is explained by INVOKER, who says he, “composed ‘I Should be Home’ during his most recent prolonged visit in the UK. Feeling inspired by London’s particular pre-Brexit scenes, the track evokes a certain nostalgia or longing for a simpler time.” But let’s cast Brexit to one side and enjoy this for what it is, a track that connects the dots of 20 years of UK dance culture, from breakbeat, to acid house to garage.

~ by acidted on October 15, 2019.

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