Saturday techno with: Wolkenrot, and The Strunks #Techno #MelodicTechno #House #Electronic

Time for Saturday techno, which this time has a more melodic techno sense than usual with Wolkenrot and The Strunks.

Wolkenrot, as you’d expect, is from South Germany. The track is Wonderful PLace. And it has an environmental theme. The track opens with some rich bass and high synths operating in tandem. There’s the sense of big themes and smallness. And then the vocal from the I’m only a child speech. I rather assumed it was Greta Thunberg but turns out it dates back to 1992 and Severn Suzuki, speaking as part of the Environmental Children’s Organisation.  Nothing much happened then. Will it now? But back to the track. The sampled speech is followed by chords of expectation. A sense of oneness. This is melodic techno for the forests and for all of us. It offers (naive) optimism. A sense of rippling synths travelling hopefully. You should too.

Also from Germany comes The Strunks but I know no more than that. Even Googling doesn’t help. The track is Wavebox. It’s melodic techno but built round a piano bass line. This gives it a richness and depth but the accompanying beats are surprisingly light. It manages an air of overcast gloom, despite strings everywhere. This doesn’t promise that everything will be all right. It accepts that we’re going to hell in a handcart. And there’s nothing much you can do about it. Just get on board for the ride.

~ by acidted on October 19, 2019.

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